New Jericho, almost universally referred to by the nickname Goon City, is a fictional town in South Wales. In the comics, New Jericho has a surreal, British steampunk feel.

The New Jericho Police are more or less along the lines of paramilitary or SWAT, as they have to deal with incredibly high crime rates among criminals and civilians alike, which is why they have access to what most would consider "heavy weaponry" and full body armor. Those who make up the force have been described as commonly being lazy, cowardly and/or corrupt. Only a handful of the cops are honest, though frequently the wealthy of the city bribe the corrupt members of the police into performing their duty (usually as a result of some crime being committed (or threatened) against a member of their family).

History Edit

New Jericho was founded as a mining town for housing local coal-miners who use to work in 'Jericho's Pit,' it was during this time that the Italian Mafia and Triads began opening a number of brothels, casinos and opium dens to entertain the miners. The fortune from these businesses turned the small mining camp into a bustling city; during this time the Randazzo crime family controlled the prostitution and illegal gambling racket while the Tongs ran a number of opium dens and a fair share of brothels in the Chinatown quarter of the town. At this point the two gangs flourished because of extortion from corrupt local police commissioner Lt. Sgt. Mickey "Top Hat" McCall, who was believed to be a key sponserer of the New Jericho Hiberno-Welsh Miner's Union (also known as the 'Irish Mob'); which also got major funding from the Councillor of New Jericho, Robert O'Hara (Labour Party).

The Irish Mob where often used as 'goons' by Robert O'Hara almost as his secret service making sure crime bosses where keeping to their payment if not they would carry out attacks of arson and other vandalism to properties of criminal rackets in the name of the union or sometimes murder certain criminal individuals in public protests and riots.

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