Indo-African Freedom Township, Navarro or simply "Freedom Township" (Urdu: آزادی زمین, Hindi: आजाद स्टेन, Portuguese: Liberdade Município) more commonly reffered to by his inhabitants as Azadistan (or Hindi: Ajadestan), and by the news and media as "Liberdado" which is Portuguese for 'freedom.'

The township was founded on the site of the Navarro farm as a refugee camp to house the approx. 1,870 Indians (1,200 Hindu and 760 Muslim) crossing the Mozambican Channel fleeing the concentration camps imposed on them by António de Oliveira Salazar of Portugal in response to the 1961 Indian annexation of Goa in the sea-bordering country of Mozambique.

Indo-Africans remained in the camp until they where given work and accomodation in city housing projects in Kleinpoort (Brookside, Hague), Batesley (Resco, Penham) and St. Petrus (Alena Town) women often found jobs as nurses and men often worked in factories. Some however were not permitted to leave the camp, accomodation within the refugee camps tents over time where replaced with small houses with their own hygiene facilities (i.e. cleaning and toilets) and medical supplies continued to run through aswell as some private doctors practising and making money from their own home, despite all this Liberdado however also suffered from crime, poverty, prostitution and other ills of destitute meanwhile more refugees from Mozambique began to arrive at Liberdado, in 1969, they labeled Freedom Township as it was then known a "third country," and became known to its inhabitants  as 'Azadistan.' 

In 1972, another somewhat 2,000 or so (Indian and Pakistani) refugees arrived at Navarro after Idi Amin's Expulsions of Asians from Uganda. This led Azadistan and its inhabitants to develop its own unique culture which saw a blend of Indo-African customs from Mozambique and Uganda as well as a common use of the Portuguese language as well as of course Urdu, Hindi and English.


The official government term for the foreign residents of Freedom Township is Indo-African Laurentian or 'Indo-Laurentian' for short.

Names they often use to refer to themselves include;

  • Azadistani (Urdu: آزادی سٹین)
  • Ajadestani (Hindi: आजाद स्टेन)
  • Liberdadano
  • Indioafricano
  • Coolie

The Indo-Laurentian Settlement Act 1961Edit

The Government of the United Provinces of Laurentia will provide the following facilities to the refugees of Indian descent wether they be Moorish or Hindu at the camp in Navarro, Batesland until they are found more suitable accomidation;

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