Al-Wakht Al-Wahsh (Arabic: الوقت الوحش or Murat Masakha (مرة مسخ), English: "Time-Monster") is a genie who causes his victims to believe that they are suffering from a manipulation of time.

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In the 'Tale of Gurga El-Mashrika'Edit

Gurga El-Mashrika (the "Wolf of the East"), the greatest warrior of the Masriks, after years of leading battalions on raids on villages and towns on the frontier of the Maghreba Sultanate, the nephew of the Sultan of Mashrika (i.e. Gurga) is finally captured and imprisoned.

While in the dungeons of Maghrabad a pari appears who gives Gurga a small dagger and tells him to escape, whereupon he uses the dagger to kill the guards and escape, the pari leads him to Murat Masakha, sitting in a tree where he informs Gurga that he can turn back the hands of time so that he was never captured, imprisoned and made fugitive if he completes three tasks for him;

  1. Kidnap the Princess of Maghreba
  2. Have sexual intercourse with her
  3. And then kill her

If Gurga completes these three requests, the genie promises him he will turn back the hands of time and make it so his kingdom was never ransacked and destroyed by savage barbarians. Gurga who is the leader of a thieves guild in the city encourages them to take part in the sabotage of the Princess as a revolutionary measure to conquer the city from the Maghrebs (the enemies of the Mashriks). The thieves ambush the palace of the Maghreba Gurga and kindap his daughter and flee to al-Baria (the Wilderness), where they celebrate driking wine, smoking hasish and laying with concubines stolen from the city palace, Gurga shares a tent with the Princess where he indulges in sexual intercourse with her after which Gurga prepares his dagger with a touch of poison at the tip to assasinate her, before he does so she wakes up and his hears him whispering his plot to himself whereupon she professes her love for Gurga and states that she would marry him if he would spare her life, Gurga does not know whether to believe her or not and al-Waht al-Wahsh appears and informs him to challenge her love for him. Gurga tells her she must complete three tasks to prove that she is in fact in love with Gurga; she must return to Maghrabad undetected, assasinate her own father (the Sultan of Maghreba) and open the gates for Gurga and his goons to re-enter Maghrabad for their marriage ceremony, Masakha gives him a bag of poison to give to the Princess which she can use to easily assassinate the Sultan undetected, upon her return to the kingdom she discovers that in his sorrow her father had committed suicide, whereupon her cousin the Grand Vizier, Jassim has taken charge of affairs in the kingdom and plans to have her hand in marriage to become the next Sultan, the Princess who has really fallen for Gurga escapes from the palace walls on the night before the wedding and returns to the wilderness where she informs Gurga of what has happened and that she wishes to stay in his company for she is deeply in love with him, at this point the Masakha reappears and tells Gurga to kill her as she is a traitor but as he attempts to do so he has doubts after he sees the look in her eyes, hes spares her again and they lay with each other the whole night again where they plan their next move. The next morning, the Princess returns to the city to kill Jassim with the poison instead, at this point the Masakha claims the Princess will betray him and shows his anger towards Gurga and terrorizes him by showing halluscinations of ghosts of ancient tyrannical warriors, kings and queens, the Masakha threatens to destroy Gurga's concept of reality (i.e. lead him to insanity) claiming that he has failed the tasks given and been betrayed by the Princess, however while the Princess is in the palace of Maghrabad, before the marriage ceremony the Masakha steals the poison from the Princess so she is not able to kill him, the marriage ceremony comenses and the Princess shares a chamber with the Vizier, while she is laying with him she draws for the poison and discovers it is not there, the Vizier than appears with the voice of the Masakha (affirming that the Vizier is in fact possessed by al-Wahsh), the Princess leaps off the bed and draws out the blade which was poked in the poison by Gurga (this she reveals was done as a measure because Gurga already predicted the Masakha may take the poison away), and stabs him in the neck the Vizier dies however his body turns into a Ghaybuba (Arabic: "Coma" - i.e. a zombie) controled by the Masakha and tries to attack the Princess, however she manages to escape the palace, while the Ghaybuba continues to chase her, through the streets of Maghrabad (where the citizens of Maghrabad see that Jassim is possessed by some sort of demon) to the gates of the city where she calls for them to be opened,upon seeing the gates open Gurga and his mercenaries storm towards the city walls, however Jassim the Ghaybuba manages to capture her and takes her back to the palace, the guards of the cities unite with Gurga's mercenaries to storm the palace and free the Princess, however al-Wakht al-Wahsh sends an army of 1000 ghouls to guard the palace and both Gurga's warriors and the guards are fearful to enter so Gurga decides to enter on his own, he slays the ghouls and makes way for the guards and mercanaries. He enters the final chamber of the palace and beheads Ghaybuba defeating the Masakha as he is no longer powerful as he is not possessing any living human form.

Gurga is considered a hero in the land and marries the Princess becoming the Sultan of the new kingdom.

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